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Swedish Massage

Long, flowing strokes, oils, creams, bliss. Napping sometimes occurs. Muscles melt,  joints bend. Tendons shake off rust. Brains tingle. Shut your eyes and you're on a beach, or a yacht, or a mountain. This massage is performed with you draped under sheets, on a table. Good for over-all relaxation, peace of mind, decreased stress, increased range of motion, and, with focused deeper treatment, for unlocking troublesome trigger points (knots).

An ancient form of massage which works strategically with your energy channels or 'meridians' to unblock your stagnant Chi (energy/life force). Performed with everybody clothed, either on a mat or a table. This massage technique is very similar to traditional Thai massages.

An ancient art form which works different zones of your feet to promote relaxation, improve circulation, and boost immunity. Our feet look up at us all day wondering when, oh when, will we give them a rest? Take a load off of your feet. They need it.
CHI Balance

A unique blend of Asian techniques personalized to suit your current yin/yang status, focusing on the earth element (building chi), wood element (moving chi), and fire element (clarity and peace of mind). Techniques include acupressure, energizing massage for yang stimulation and a relaxing massage for yin calm. Pure oriental element oils are use to harmonize chi flow.
Yin Yang Harmonizing Massage

This massage is specifically tailored for couples to harmonize and pleasantly balance the flow of relationship chi between themselves. A couple will experience a massage, in the same room, with two therapists coordinating deep rhythmical strokes. Focus is given to specific meridians, releasing tension and restoring peace and harmony with Himalayan oils.
Element Vitality

A gentle and soothing massage bringing together elements of Swedish, shiatsu, and reflexology message techniques combined with the therapeutic qualities of oriental aromatic essential oils. Designed to strengthen your body's vital energy and emerge with renewed spirit.
Himalayan Healing Stone Massage

Inspired by the healing rituals of Lake Kokonar in Tibet, this ancient massage technique uses a combination of hot stones heated in traditional Tibetan Copper Momo Steamers and cool stones to balance stress, ground, and the body to restore vitality.
Two Therapists in Harmony, Four Healing Hands

This captivating CHI Harmonizing Facial and Foot Reflex Therapy Massage is performed by two therapist working at the same time on opposite sides of your body. This distinctly different four-handed massage succinctly combines the two therapists' innate healing abilities with mesmerizing massage strokes delivered in perfect unison
A Classic Approach to Health and Vitality
CHI Balance
Yin Yang Harmonizing Massage
Element Vitality
Himalayan Healing Stone Massage
Two Therapists in Harmony , Four Healing Hands